CRAF Solutions


We have numerous prestigious clients for which we provide a complete array of services, offering solutions such as "cost per page" or "cost per click". By using a wide range of financial instruments such as "rent" or "leasing" and having our own stocks of equipment, our customers are guaranteed the most competitive prices in the market. Along with specialized software for document management and printing fleets such as "Canon UniFLOW", "PaperCut" or "SafeQ" we can offer unique solutions and perfectly mold them on the exact needs of our clients.

CRAF Company can solve any problems in supply logistics, maintenance, management and acquisition of IT products and services anywhere in Romania.

uniFLOW Papercut SafeQ

We offer our customers a single point of contact and detailed records of each order or service. Along with monthly reporting of all deliveries and interventions, sorted by type of products, services or location(ERP management software), we offer the best solution for tracking and cost control.

In the incredibly fast paced world of IT, CRAF Company offers the essential element of stability: the trust we give and equally receive from our partners.